don't take our word for it

Here is what our patients had to say about their Coolsculpting experience.

I had some Coolsculpting sessions this summer and was very happy with the results.  – Christy S

I workout and eat clean, but could not get rid of my love handles. Coolsculpting helped me spot reduce and I love it. – Salley M

Coolsculpting is a game-changer! I probably noticed results within a month and a half to two months. My clothes fit so much better. – Shannon P

My results from Coolsculpting were amazing! I loved it! – Kim D

The staff’s customer service was outstanding. They made me feel very comfortable during the procedure. I can’t wait to see my results. – Patrick K

I was very pleased and was made to feel very comfortable by the kind, knowledgeable, and professional staff at Waco Body Sculpt. I would not go anywhere else. – Michelle A

I have had Coolsculpting in Dallas and then I found Waco Body Sculpt. Not only are they local, they were the BEST! I will never go anywhere else. – Teresa W

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